Auction Galas and a Few New Trends

Things have certainly changed in my life since July 17, 2009. That was the date I won the International Auctioneer Championship. These last few months have been very exciting, as well as very busy. I have been traveling, not only with my benefit auctions, but with opportunities to speak at auctioneer association meetings. I have had several radio and magazine interviews.
This past weekend I spent some time with the California auctioneers at Lake Tahoe. I gave a seminar on bid calling, judged the competition for their Auctioneer Bid Calling Champion and judged the advertising competition. Learning from auctioneers is a great way to grow your business.
The benefit auctions I have been doing lately are going quite well. The live auction is still bringing in the largest percentage compared to value. The silent auction is next and the online auctions are still bringing in about 50% to 65% of value. The online auctions are still the best way in dealing with too many silent items.
The Fund-A-Need is still a great way fund a specific need. I am encouraged with the generosity of the people across the country as they give to this item. In order for a Fund-A-Need do well it has be done right. Placing it in the right order of the evening and using the correct terminology makes all the difference.
The trends in benefit auctions are constantly changing. I try to stay on top of the new ideas, good and bad, that my clients try. The number of live auction items is a trend I see changing. In the past, a group may have 60 to 80 live auction items. The trend now is to have 12 to 30 items depending on your region of the United States.
I will add ideas to my blog as I see clients try them. It is important to stay on top if these trends. We love to work with those movers and shakers in the community who will try new ideas. Thank you to these individuals who are always on top of things.

~ by walkerauctions on October 27, 2009.

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